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Default A source for seed for field crops

Michael wrote:

Another source for seeds that are a little different is to go to a health
food store buy organic open pollinated seeds. They are selling them for
consumption but the germination rate is very good and they are definitely
untreated. I live in the sticks but travel a three state area on a regular
basis so I end up shopping for field crop seeds in Knoxville, TN, cast iron
in South Pittsburgh, TN (home of Lodge and their outlet store), and herb
seeds in Charlotte, NC.

I was givin' the Anasazi beans the eye last time I was at the local
hfs. But I don't know if the pods are edible, and I mostly want snap
beans. Pinto beans have very tasty but stringy pods. Horticultural
beans look and taste like pintos, and also grow on half-runner bushes,
but the pods are much less stringy. I grew them last year (expensive
seeds!) but they didn't produce well because the beetles ate up the
plants and stunted them. I should have sprayed them until the flower
buds formed.

I think anasazi is a half runner, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if
the snaps are any good?

Best regards,