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Default What digs big tunnels in the lawn?

"Simon Avery" wrote in message
nightjar wrote:

Hello nightjar

n At my late Mother's house, which I am looking after until I
n get around to selling it, I have just found two tunnels dug
n into the lawn, each about 9" across. The way the waste soil
n has been thrown shows that they were dug from the surface
n down. The garden is completely surrounded by high walls,
n apart from a gap about 3" high under one corner of a solid
n gate. So, any ideas what did it? My thought was a terrier,
n but I've not seen any signs of rats and I don't know what it
n would have been digging for otherwise.

Rabbits, foxes (digging for worms), badgers (same), australian mole...

Thanks for the suggestions.

I should, perhaps, have stated that this is in a well established urban
area. The hole looks too small for a badger and, if it is a rabbit, it is
one that doesn't leave droppings. An urban fox seems the most probable and,
given that I cannot see the ends of the tunnels, I wonder whether it is a
den. I'll have to take a closer look.

Colin Bignell