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Default What digs big tunnels in the lawn?

"Drakanthus" wrote in message
At my late Mother's house, which I am looking after until I get around

selling it, I have just found two tunnels dug into the lawn, each about

across. The way the waste soil has been thrown shows that they were dug

the surface down. The garden is completely surrounded by high walls,

from a gap about 3" high under one corner of a solid gate. So, any ideas
what did it? My thought was a terrier, but I've not seen any signs of

and I don't know what it would have been digging for otherwise.

Colin Bignell

Sounds way too big for a mole.
Could be a rabbit. Any sign of rabbit droppings nearby - small black/brown

about 1cm?

No tracks or droppings of any kind in the area. Simon Avery has suggested a
fox and, as this is an urban garden that has been virtually untouched for
some months, that seems a strong possibility.

Colin Bignell