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Default Shall we move to social media?

I'm an old curmedgeon but a new pond owner ) I use newsgroups, and
have for 20 years. If I take a break from house work (or boredom), I
check my limited selection of newsgroups. The can be vastly useful,
entertaining, maddening, informative. IMO, Facebook is vastly overrated
and rather creepy. So....if the newsgroup is laden with spam or trolls,
once can easily mentally filter them out and get to the useful messages.
I hate to give in to people with nothing better to do than to mess
with positive and useful tools.

I don't want Facebook to become the only means of communication for
family and friends, but it looks like that is where we are headed...I
like to hear the voices of family and friends.

I like the idea of more conversations on Usenet; it would be very
helpful to a newbie such as me. Thanks to those who keep it going )

I'd like a rec.ponds facebook page. Wish someone smarter than me would set
it up. Seems the UK has gone there, and I'd be more than happy to do RPM
newsgroups and a facebook page. Anything that reminds me to check in is
usually what I need. Might be good advertising for RPM for that matter.
Plus we could post pics.

How many here also have a fb page? ~ jan
Zone 7a, SE Washington State