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Default Adding Small Amount of Gas with 2 Cyle Oil Mix to Gas for Lawnmower

On May 30, 12:59*pm, songbird wrote:

* * * I recently got rid of my gas powered weed wacker. *I plan on buying a
36V rechargeable weed wacker.

* * *I have a quart of gas with 2 cycle engine oil mixed. * I want to get rid
of this gas. *Is it harmful to pour a little of this gas into my lawn mower

* * * * * * *Thank You in advance, *John N3AOF

* no, don't do it.

* if you have a neighbor who can use it give it
to them. *know the mix-ratio so they don't destroy
their equipment.

* else, dump it in the used oil you are returning
to be recycled. *no need to burn it or dump it out.
let it be recycled.

* songbird

Dump gasoline into recycled oil? You might want to check with
whoever accepts that oil before doing that. Gasoline oil and
there are obvious safety issues involved.

I would find a neighbor or friend who could use it.