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Default Obtaining seeds

On 09/09/2013 10:30, David Hill wrote:
During the site clearance I have picked off a good number of seed
capsules from both Callistemon (Bottle Brush) and Melaleuca (Tea tree)
that died around 2 years ago.
My Question is how do I get the seeds out?
They have been well smoked during the cut and clear that has been going on.
David @ a now drying side of Swansea Bay.

They need heat to open. Smoke may help them germinate after they have
been sown..

Put the capsules on a metal tray and into a cool oven. Temperature and
time can vary, but I'd start off with a low temperature (around 100C)
for at least 30 minutes. Shake now and again to see if any of the
capsules are open. If none are open, increase to around 120C. Increase
time to an hour.

Viability can vary tremendously as vast amounts of seed can be produced.

BTW, are you definitely sure when you mention "melaleuca" and "tea
tree"? There is a lot of confusion around, as sometimes that
combination is used as "leptospermum" and "ti tree". In general, a
leptospermum is more likely to survive outside in the UK than a
melaleuca.(you didn't say whether or not yours had been growing inside
or not).