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Default Tomato Losetto F1

"Pam Moore" wrote


I planted a whole packet of seeds, that's 6, and planted out 6 plants so
100% germination. We were inundated with cherry tomatoes, totally
overwhelmed, two plants would have been more than enough for us and all
neighbours. They are determinate plants so you just let them grow, but
only get to about a foot tall but spread out 3ft+ making picking
Nice taste and very juicy.
Next year I intend to plant two and try them in hanging baskets.

They are listed as being for hanging baskets but did you grow them as
uprights? I like the sound of them but the seeds are not cheap! Would
they be better in hanging baskets?

Unfortunately nothing I read said "for hanging baskets" before I planted
them out on our allotment.
They are determinate and simply refused to grow upward, they just grew
outward. From my experience this year hanging baskets or similar are the
only way to go with these especially if you are not up to crawling about on
your hands and knees picking fruit. Even then we could not actually get to
lots underneath the plant, not that it mattered as we had so many.

One thing to mention, they have nice thin skins so once fully ripe they
split easily so best picked early if you want to get them home in one piece.
Regards. Bob Hobden.
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