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['] jpturcaud
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Default CSIRO PhD in Austraiia

Interested in a PhD in the new field of GeoSyntactic modelling with
the CSIRO in Australia ?


*Application of context-sensitive grammar to the analysis of
geological sedimentation sequences and natural language

Selection Criteria:

a.. Have or expect to gain in 2003, first class honours or equivalent in
mathematics or science. especially special understanding required in
Einstein 's schizophrenic SR and GR Theories

b.. Expect to receive an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent
University scholarship for PhD, and accept of course that worthless piece of
shit !

c.. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and those who like
Turcaud sent such citizenship to the dogs are excluded of course

d.. Australian Mining Pioneer Turcaud 's application excluded absolutely

e.. Ability in mathematical model building, since indeed a perfect RIRO
( rubbish in rubbish out ) system, and therefore we can anticipate what
we'll get
f.. Computer programming skills, for same reason as above, since
development of models will be fully controlled and conclusion anticipated

g.. Beuuuuliever in Glaciations, Paleo Glacial Climates, Continental
Rafting, Orogenesis in Solid Phase, Erosion modelled Relief, Uniformism and
Transformism, Millionzzz of years datation scale; Constant atomic decay

h.. Accepting without questioning scientific dogmas like the creation of
Earth on present orbit, the Law of Universal Attraction, the synchronism of
creation all Solar system planets, the "Grand Boum" Theory of Monsieur
L'abbé Georges Lemaire + all the other Gogological idiocies

i.. Completely oblivious to the genesis of Oil, Coal and Water and taking
it for granted the fossil origin of both Oil and Coal and Water being there
at Creation time

j.. Prepared to refute and battle nails and teeth the True Geology
understanding of True Geologist genius Jean-Paul Turcaud ! Especially the
UPL* which is the corner stone of the True Geology indeed


Prof. Daniel McMichael,
Urrbrae, South Australia.

Tel: +61 8 8303 8773

Check out the website:

;;; and that alone would kill me indeed !

UPL Universal Pressure Law

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Hydro & Mining Prospector
Pioneer of australian Mining
Discoverer of Telfer; Kintyre & Nifty Mines in The Great Sandy Desert.
Discoverer of the South Atlantic Submarine Gold Placers
_ 40 Millions Tons estimate _
Founder of The TRUE GEOLOGY

"Gold and Intrigue in the Desert"
"The true story of the discovery of the Telfer gold mine"
Author : Bob Sheppard, President of the Australian Prospectors' Union
Author's contact & web page :
Order from : Hesperian Press, PO Box 317 Victoria Park, 6979 W.Australia.
AUS 40.00 + post

Published in Perth 15th December 2002

* The Greatest Australian Mining Covered Up Swindle Of The 20th Century
( Is maintained due to Public demand at least up to next Solstice )

* The True Geology ( previously Refutation of the Horrid Geological Myths ) ( Not available due to plagiarism hazards )

~~Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never Forgiven ! ~~

"griffiths" a écrit dans le message de
Interested in a PhD in the new field of GeoSyntactic modelling with
the CSIRO in Australia ?

Check out the website:


*Application of context-sensitive grammar to the analysis of
geological sedimentation sequences and natural language

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