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Franz Heymann
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Default Useful Quotes About Angling - Pisces Information Sheet F

Found some good information at

Useful Quotes About Angling

Pisces Information Sheet F
The majority of these quotes come from anglers themselves, showing
that even they realise the problems they cause.


1. Fish and Pain
2. Tackle Victims
3. Cormorants
4. Keepnets
5. Match Angling
6. Livebaiting
7. General Criticism

Fish and Pain
"There may still be some people who will argue that we cannot prove
beyond question that any vertebrate other than man, feels pain. We,
however, concludes that if any do, then the evidence suggests that all
vertebrates (including fish), through the mediation of similar
neuropharmacological processes, experience similar sensations to a
greater or lesser degree in response to noxious stimuli."
(paragraph 57). Conclusion of RSPCA-sponsored Medway Report, 1980.
"The RSPCA is opposed to the infliction of pain and suffering on any
animal in the name of sport."

"2.1 The report of the Panel of Inquiry into Shooting and Angling (the
Medway Report) has proved to the satisfaction of the RSPCA that fish
are capable of experiencing pain and suffering.

2.2 The RSPCA believes that current practices in angling do involve
the infliction of pain and suffering on fish."
RSPCA Policies on Animal Welfa Bloodsports, 1991.

"It proves that fish have the mechanism for pain and show the kind of
responses we would show in a situation which is painful... I certainly
would not want to fish for amusement because of this."
Professor Donald Broom of Cambridge University, fish welfare scientist
to the UK Government (speaking of the scientific evidence from the
University of Utrecht, Netherlands).

"...Capture by angling may therefore be considered to cause
physiological stress to fish."

"The stress associated with capture may be considered to be acute..."

"Capture by angling is likely to result in some short-term
modification of behavior. In prey fish, this may result in an
increased susceptibility to predation."

"There is a measured level of mortality associated with hooking of
Pottinger, `Fish Welfare Literature Review' (funded by the British
Field Sports Society and the National Federation of Anglers), 1995.

Tackle Victims
"Each year more waterside birds and mammals die because of discarded
monofilament than all the swans that ever died from lead poisoning."
Malcolm Greenhalgh in Salmon, Trout & Sea Trout magazine, July 93.
"Usually if you do get snagged when polefishing, you can't break free
without losing at least the hook."
Michelle Daniel, Angling Times correspondent, 18.5.94.

"The suffering inflicted upon this nation's birds and other animal
life by coarse fishermen is nothing short of the worse kind of
Rorke Garfield, National Animal Rescue Association Report, Sept. '93.

"Please note the words `leave' and `abandon'. They set that type of
tackle apart from accidentally lost items, an event that happens
occasionally to even the most careful of anglers."
John Easdown, Angling Editor, Ipswich Evening Star, 8.1.96.

"In both study sites, the area-specific predation by cormorants... was
among the highest recorded for river habitats. Despite this, and
contrary to the prevailing belief of fishermen and fishery managers,
no evidence was found that cormorant predation had depredated grayling
and trout populations at the two study sites."
"The results are in line with earlier conclusions that piscivorous
[fish-eating] birds do not normally destabilize fresh-water fish
populations in natural habitats (Draulans 1988; Suter 1991)
W. Suter (1995), `The effect of predation by wintering cormorants on
grayling and trout (Salmonide) populations: two case studies from
Swiss rivers.'

Based on a review of the best scientific evidence, it does not appear
that a strategy of reducing cormorant populations to benefit
sport-fish populations is biologically warrented."
`Cormorants and their impact on fish', a report by the US Fish and
Wildlife Service, Office of Migratory Bird Management, 1995.

"Trying to get a licence is a waste of time... The best way to tackle
the problem is to kill them!"
Angling Times, Nov. 1996

"What we really need is a disease that will do to them [cormorants]
what myxomatosis did to rabbits."
Fishery boss Colin Bourner, 1996

"As many as 17 [cormorants] have been spotted feeding on fish from the
[club's] reservoir in one day. I can't say that they have had a
detrimental effect because last summer the reservoir produced the
biggest catch in years..."
Hynburn and Blackburn Angling Associtation, in Hynburn Citizen, 3.4.97

"During the warmer months, do not keep fish in nets on fisheries - it
takes years for fish to mature and reach nice proportions, but only
minutes of thoughtlessness to destroy them."
George Alderson, Ipswich Evening Star, 6.6.92.
"Old style keepnets were - and are - a disgrace, but even the most
modern are harmful."
John Bailey, Coarse Fisherman, Oct. '91.

"Fish do learn and often very quickly, especially where trauma is
concerned. It is also a fact that fish retained in keepnets take
longer to overcome the shock of capture."
John Bailey, Coarse Fisherman, Oct. '92.

"Quite often, after witnessing a good catch being returned, I've seen
dead fish floating on the surface."
Charlie Bettell, Coarse Fisherman, Feb. '94.

Match Angling
"..some treat their captives abominably. The fish are held far too
long in keepnets. Then there is the 'weigh-in'. Photographs follow.
And finally the fish are thrown back. Not surprisingly fatalities are
common... Competitive angling does treat fish like animate golf
Malcolm Greenhalgh, Salmon, Trout & Sea Trout Magazine, July 93.
"I have run junior contests over many years, and become more and more
concerned about the numbers of sickly fish left in the water after the
weigh-in... It is high time we all took more care of the fish we
D. Uttley, Angling Times, 23.9.92.

"So many fish are caught on bloodworm and they probably don't survive
the experience."
Terry Girdlestone, Angler's Mail, 16.10.93.

"Fish are kept for weigh-ins in buckets are nine times out of ten
discarded dead at the end of the match." (This is common practice in
sea angling.)
Steve Herbert of Eastleigh Angling Centre, May '92.

"The plain fact of the matter is that livebaiting is cruel and don't
let anyone tell you otherwise."
John Watson in Coarse Fishing magazine, Nov. '90.
"I livebait and I bet you do too. It's barbaric and we shouldn't but
we are there to catch pike."
John Bailey in Coarse Fisherman magazine, May '91.

"Pikers have been ferrying baits from all sources around the country
for years." (Movement of fish from one water to another is an offence,
as it spreads disease and puts fish stocks at risk.)
Mick Brown, Coarse Fisherman, May 1993

"The banning of livebait will be only the first step in the banning of
many things. One major cause of fish deaths would, of course, be at
the top of that list, that being the keepnet."
M. Jubb, Angling Times, 11.12.91.

General Criticism
"Aquatic animals suffer from the disadvantage that they cannot scream
when in pain, so we find it hard to gauge the degree of their agony.
If fish could scream, angling purely for sport would be outlawed
without delay."
Desmond Morris, `The Animal Contract'.
"Fishing is complete and utter madness."
Spike Milligan

"When I was NFA President I tried to preach the environmental message
but it fell on deaf ears... Many died-in-the-wool anglers don't seem
to be interested in the environment because all they want to do is go
David Bird, Angling Times, Feb.'99

"If we want to avoid harming pike we would have to give up fishing for
them altogether."
Angler's Mail 9.3.91.

"I troll lures constantly in Scotland and the damage they do to pike
and trout often disgusts me. Lure fishing as it is now, is one of the
least humane aspects of our sport."
John Bailey, Coarse Fisherman, Oct. '91

"On my last few visits to my local pond, it had become common to see
disfigured fish with lips torn or missing. These injuries often become
D. Davies, Angling Times, 19.8.92.

" A fish starts to suffer from stress almost as soon as you set the
Charlie Bettell, Coarse Fisherman, Feb. '94.

"Fish do not suffer much from competent anglers. Obviously there are
those who are less than competent."
Neville Fickling, Coarse Fisherman, May '94.

"I troll lures constantly in Scotland and the damage they do pike and
trout often disgusts me. Lure fishing as it is now, is one of the
least humane aspects of our sport."
John Bailey, Coarse Fisherman, Oct. '91.

"The determination to set personal bests appears to take precedence
over everything - including, I regret to say, the welfare of fish on
Angler's Mail Opinion Column, 20.6.92.

"I feel that the very existence of angling as we know it in this
country is hanging in the balance at this moment in time and if we do
not take decisive action to tip the scales in our favour in the very
near future, I'm not sure that we will have too much of a future to
look forward to."
John Wright, Coarse Fisherman, Sept '94.

"The only guaranteed way to prevent deep-hooking pike is not fishing
for them."
Mick Rouse, Angling Times, 25.10.95.

"I firmly believe that within the next 20 years angling could be
Des Taylor in Angling Times July 1997.

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BM Fish, London, WCIN 3XX
Tel: 01792 464 176



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Default Useful Quotes About Angling - Pisces Information Sheet F

In article , Franz Heymann

Nothing at all. Pete the Troll is forging posts in his name.

Of rather more interest is:
Now -that's- good news for the future.



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