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On 6/1/2017 2:32 PM, Terry Coombs wrote:
On 6/1/2017 8:53 AM, George Shirley wrote:
On 6/1/2017 8:14 AM, Terry Coombs wrote:
On 6/1/2017 6:42 AM, George Shirley wrote:
On 5/31/2017 11:22 PM, T wrote:
Hi all,

I am super pleased with my radishes this year. They are
now too big for the earwigs to hassle with. I didn't
look for two days and they have doubled in size! Yippee!
Something I can't kill!


1) how will I know when they can be harvested?

2) can I leave them in the ground and harvest them
at different times to keep them from spoiling?

Many thanks,

Radishes in my area just keep getting bigger and hotter until they
start splitting until I pull them and put them in the composter. It
all depends on your climate.

George, up early to feed the [email protected]#$% dawg

Max has a demand feeder ... but every morning around 6:30 he gets
me up to make the coffee . We walk while it brews , he gets some in a
bowl with milk then he goes outside on his lead - usually after a
friendly game of tug .

This morning while we were walking I found a volunteer squash (I
think) in an unexpected spot - nowhere near the garden . It's not in
the way and I'm interested in just what it is , so I'll leave it there .



Probably a bird drop Snag. When we lived on the farm it was not
unusual to find something sprouting where we didn't put it. Birds or
mice will plant for you if they don't eat all the seeds.

Tilly Dawg is only allowed one third of a cup of dog food by vet's
demand. Consequently, being a rescue dog, she thinks she's starving to
death all the time. Eat a meal and she stands where she can see you
eating and has her head down and is seriously thinking of taking your
food away from you. Still, in all my 77 years she has been the best
dog I've ever had. I swear, if she could talk, she would use perfect
English. I can have her moving just by hand signals, and she stops
when I cut my throat with my hand.


Awesome , I hope to get Max to obey hand signals too . It's an uphill
battle with this pup , he's almost as bullheaded as I am ... and as big
as he is (10 mo old and around 80 lbs) it's very important that he minds
, whether by hand or voice command .

Looks like good germination on my field peas and okra , A few small
bare spots from where something dug in the rows , but I have seed to
replant . I still have a corner that has nothing planted , I'm
considering some corn . The wife can't eat commercial corn products ,
I'm wondering if it's the Roundup they douse it with ... homegrown
without chemicals might agree with her system .



I started Tilly as a young pup, I've found over the years that most
terrier breeds are really smart. Tilly is my second rat terrier and, no
doubt, the smartest dog I've ever had. She follows hand signals well,
and she also seems to understand voice commands. If she starts to do
something she shouldn't I just say "NO" and she stops. I think she knows
every word that contains something to eat. She will stand in front of me
with her head down and her eyes on me eating. I suspect in hope either I
will drop some food or I will fall over dead and then she can eat. G

I'm in my office and she came in after me and got up on her couch to
keep and eye on me. She also loves my kids, grands, and great grands
and, when I tick her off, she goes to sit by my wife of 57 years and
looks at me with an eye to see if I'm jealous. We have a great
granddaughter who has problems but she will come over to Tilly and tell
her "Give me a smooch." And Tilly licks her nose and then they both grin.

We're getting scattered rain but it is still close to 90F out there.