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On 2/7/2018 8:13 PM, songbird wrote:
Frank wrote:
Thought group might be interested in this:

Fortunately I do not have this problem as a lot of good stuff is on the
bad list.


i wonder how much they've studied this in combination
with looking at how much complex fiber a person is

i know for myself that certain dietary things have
helped a lot over the years, but most of my short-term
issues were coming from commercial meats (chicken and
ground stuff). i solved about 80% of my gut episodes
from that alone. the remaining things seem to have
responded well to increasing fiber (fruits, veggies,
beans and whole grains).

i'm very glad i don't have dairy intolerances and
some other things (i really like whole milk plain
yogurt, cheese and once in a while we have ice-cream).

the tomato sensitivity is the one that has come on
the past four years and that's the worst as we really
love tomatoes and almost all our traditional dishes
have tomatoes in them. once in a while i have some
anyways and pay the price...


I found the chemistry interesting as I worked one summer as a lab tech
in a plant lab where sorbitol and mannitol were made from sucrose and
corn sugar and learned a lot about sugar. Sucrose is a disaccharide of
glucose and fructose. We would invert it, i.e. hydrolyze it, with acid
before hydrogenation. Glucose hydrogenates to sorbitol and fructose
converts to 50 50 sorbitol and mannitol. I thought all disaccharides
would not survive in the stomach and like to tell folks that high
fructose corn syrup is the same as honey without the bee pollen.

I did not realize that a disaccharide could not be digested and ended up
fermenting in the colon causing IBS. My wife thinks she is lactose
intolerant and we use no fat lactose free milk. Otherwise maybe other
disaccharides don't bother her but maybe they do. Funny she does not
complain about ice cream.