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Default Photography was getting to a bean picture

songbird wrote:

Pavel314 wrote:
On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 1:42:28 PM UTC-4,
songbird wrote:
T wrote:
On 2020-03-24 12:29, songbird wrote:

That is a true thing of beauty! What a wonderful

thank you!

i have a ways to go with the picture taking, i don't
want the glare from the flash. still working on that

I've found that if you angle the camera a bit instead of
taking the picture with the subject directly in front of
the camera, the reflection from the flash goes off in the
other direction instead of bouncing back into the

i can't do that for a few reasons. my flash is built
into the camera and the camera is directly overhead.
the depth of field on a macro zoom lens isn't much at

for the moment i've rigged up a reflector which scatters
the light from the flash off to the sides and that has
helped to reduce the glare by quite a bit, but it also
reduces the light so i'm not sure i want to do this but
the results are acceptable and i can bump things back up
in post-processing fairly easy.

if i need to use a different lighting rig that's likely
not going to be easily done with the current situation of
disruption with the virus and how people may not be
working or shipping things. i can try to set up a bit
more light for fun too to see what effect that might have.

good projects to mess around with now if i can't get
outside much, but it looks like i will be able to get
back outside today again for a little while. have to
build up my stamina gradually.


I've had similar lighting problems with both my seemingly
ancient Sony Mavica and now my new-ish (as of December 2018)
Nikon D3400. I chose the Nikon since it is compatible with
the lenses (including a macro lens) that I had bought for
my Nikon film camera last century.

I've been downloading all sorts of ebooks about DSLR
photography in general and food photography in particular,
but haven't had time to spent reading and experimenting.
(Although if this lockdown continues, I may soon have some
time to spend with it.)

Anyhow, since I can't really afford to purchase all the
lighting doodads recommended for the type of photography
I want to do, I'm planning on trying to make-do with some
things on hand.

I've got a couple of daylight Ott lights meant for desktop
use. I'm thinking of using those plus some sort of scrim
setup to filter the lights. Don't laugh, but I"m considering
using a couple of 14 inch diameter embroidery hoops a
neighbor gave me then stretching some plain muslin fabric
across them and placing them in front of the lights.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is what to use
to get the hoops to stay in place on a table. I'm thinking
large binder clips as "feet" for each, but of course, I
can't find any large binder clips on hand. No way I'm
heading to a store to get any either. :/

Anyone have any other ideas for re-purposing on-hand items
to help with lighting or other photography issues?

Nyssa, who has already planted one vegetable bed with lettuce
and some old snap pea seeds she found and hopes to start
clearing another bed later today