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Rex Grigg
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On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:41:15 -0400, "Skootergrrl"

The only way you will be able to grow plants with your tank in the
manner you would like too is to replace the lights. Not the bulbs,
but the lights. I suggest you head over to and see
what they have that will fit your setup. You want to hit a minimum of
2 watts per gallon. With your current light you have less than one
watt per gallon. Your tank should be about 36" wide so your best bet
would be a 96 watt PC kit.

I did a Google search for your archives on the this topic so I wouldn't beat
your dead horse, but couldn't find what I was looking for.....

I have a 44gal but it's about 24" deep. I have two 18" bulbs. I need new
ones. I want to grow plants - and lot's of them. I know that's really deep
for most plants to get sufficient light.

Which bulbs do you recommend? I don't want to blow the bank on the this,
but I want something decent.

I know I also need to take care of CO2 and nutrients. I'll tackle those
issues soon.

Thanks in advance.


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