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Chuck Gadd
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On Fri, 20 Jun 2003 17:18:29 -0600, "Ron Nelson"

One thing that I would think might work would be a Metal Halide Pendant but
that wouldn't be cheap. As for the eBay light it looks to me like its a 65
watt compact fluorescent with a reflector. When they say it's equivalent to
500 watts I think they talking about normal bulbs not fluorescents. Anybody
used one of these to say for sure? 500 watts of fluorescent light is a lot

It's not 500 watts of fluorescent. It's a compact-fluorescent, 65

Here's the manufacturer of a VERY similar fixtu

Light of America #6065 or #6165. Commonly available very cheap at
Costco, Home Depot, KMart, Walmart, etc.

Chuck Gadd