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I have the regulator with medical 1.5 mm tubing adapter, check valve,
and fritted diffuser. I used a nylon 1.5 to 4mm barb adapter and brass
check valve. I only had to make one adjustment after the first week as
the bubbling slowed down. I have found the regulator very reliable. I
bought it based on a recommendation. I have an aqua medic solenoid run
by an Azoo pH controller. Controller is chinese with poor instruction
for calibration. Once it is calibrated though it does work well.

Cleaning a fritted disk is easy. A dip in a strong oxidizer such as
sodium chlorate, 35% peroxide for several hours followed by a strong
water rinse, then a weak acetic acid rinse will make it like new. What
a pain right?? ha...

Anyway sorry it was so difficult. Look at this new item available in
now in North America. Looks very nice!! It might work but 280