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Default Combining aquariums with homebrewing

The aromatic by products of fermenting wort with hops in it might add
stuff to your water you don't want. Wine might have other by products
in the gases too, dunno. That is why the DIY method, which uses just
sugar, yeast and baking soda, works. You could possibly put a carbon
canister in line to filter out this stuff though.

Justin wrote:

you could use the CO2 in that way, as long as your KH is ok and there isn't
heaps of co2 coming out. I would also add a bubble counter between the
alcohol making eqp and the tank. The water in the bubble counter will reduce
any nasties in the CO2.

DIY CO2 is exactly the same thing as I think your doing. Combining yeast and
sugar which produces alcohol and co2 as a by-product.


"Logic316" wrote in message
I wonder if anybody here ever tried using yeast and sugar to generate
carbon dioxide for plants. I'm a homebrewer and whenever I make beer or
wine, the airlocks on the fermenters bubble like crazy with CO2. There has
to be some use for that. I figure it would be a simple matter to just
connect a plastic hose from a wine/beer fermenter to an aquarium to give
plants a healthy boost. This is definitely an opportunity to combine 2 of
the world's coolest hobbies, or could alcohol fumes pose a problem for

- Logic316

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