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Default Has anyone ever grown tobacco?

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With the price of cigarettes going up, I have taken to rolling my owm.
I have no intention of quitting, but I am getting tired of paying
those prices, and they are talking about adding more taxes. I live on
a small farm, and have done my share of gardening, but I have cut back
on the gardening because I grow all the veggies, and have no way to
store most of them, and they just go to waste. Bring a smoker, I
thought that I might be better using that garden space for tobacco.
I am only planning on a small patch, maybe 25 x 50 feet, just to grow
my own for myself.

I'd like to hear from others that have grown tobacco and learn what to
do, and not to do.




In some areas of the country it is illegal for a homeowner to grow tobacco
(or cotton, or other commercially farmed crops) because of the risk of pests
and diseases from the homeowner's crops being introduced into commercial
crops. Homeowners aren't allowed to use the big bucks pesticides that keep
these crops disease and pest free, and the fear is that a pest that thrives
on the homeowner crops may turn out to be resistant to the chemicals and
become $$$ loss to the commercial farmers.

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