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Default Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub (imidocloprid)


We've been using Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub in the OrchidMania
greenhouses for about 8 months now - applying every 4-8 weeks as our GH
manager has the time - diluted and put into a hand sprayer. We dilute to the
rate of 1/2 tsp per 24 oz water.

Scale and aphids are dramatically down - only have spot infestations now
whereas before whole sections were getting engulfed by scale and every new
bud covered in aphids.

We're starting to think about switching - I am sure the buggers are
developing resistance as we speak. We're looking at starting prophylactic
Enstar II as the next thing.

-Eric in SF

wrote in message
Observations from a landscape (not greenhouse) gardener regarding
imidocloprid best use and best effect in zone 5a Maine.