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Default ~2000 Paulownia seeds for $10.00

Robatoy wrote:
On Feb 5, 12:47 pm, John McGaw wrote:
We've been growing Paulownia for over 20 years!
We have plenty of stock and plenty of fertile seeds!

Why do you keep trying to sell weed seeds? I'm sure everyone already has
all the weeds they need.

Oh, I don't know.... maybe a little research might change your mind.
It sounds like a nice material for casework, very much like poplar.

Have you ever actually worked with US-grown paulownia? I have. It is far
closer to balsa than it is to poplar -- soft and porous and light. The
paulownia that is favored in Japan for tansu is much different, not in
species but in growing conditions. They harvest slow-growing wood from
the mountains. But even in Japan paulownia was favored in some
specialized niches, not for general furniture building. For example it
was used for interior compartments in sea chests because the wood would
swell if it got wet and effectively seal the lid protecting the contents
of that compartment. Tansu was far more likely to be made of pine,
cryptomeria, cypress, or chestnut. And paulownia, if present at all,
would be for interior dividers and such. From what I've read, US-farmed
paulownia is considered inferior in Japan and seems to wind up as a
filler in plywood when it is used at all.

All in all, around here it is a nasty weed which spreads almost
uncontrollably and I see no reason to change that opinion.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]