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Originally Posted by View Post
It's a perennial.
But appears to only be hardy to Zone 8a.
If you can plant them in the ground close to the house on a southern exposure
you probably won't need to do more than put a sheet over them on the coldest
nights this winter.
Otherwise, pull them inside just before the first night it's due to hit
Chris Dukes
What kind of artichokes are you growing?

If you are growing Jerusalem artichokes, and are looking in the roots for some tubers to eat, then you dug them up too early, they form in autumn. They are very hardy.

If you are growing globe artichokes, and are looking for a large thistle bud, then those should have started forming back in the spring ready for harvest from late spring through to autumn. If you planted a small plant this spring, you were probably too late to get any crop this year. From personal experience, they are hardier than Mr Dukes says. Wikipedia says zone 7. Since they are commonly grown in France and (less commonly) England, both now and in mediaeval times, that must be true.

If you have something that looks like a sunflower and are looking for something that looks like a globe artichoke growing on it, then you bought the wrong plant.