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Default Gas drilling for your farm?

PC wrote:
On 22/06/2010 12:50 PM, PC wrote:
On 22/06/2010 11:03 AM, David Hare-Scott wrote:
PC wrote:
Download this and see if you are aware of this problem...

This issue will only get bigger. Australia wide we have a huge
problem in that the little fertile soil we have and coal seams are
frequently coincident in sedimentary basins. This means that
mineral extraction from those coal beds, coal and gas, is
necessarily competing for land use with food growing. We already
have huge areas of productive land that has been turned into a
moonscape-wasteland, have a google earth look at
Singleton-Muswellbrook Look at the fabulous soil and water of the
Liverpool Plains, soon to be strip mined. In addition to the conflict of
immediate use we have the potential
for long term damage to the soil and water. There are many rivers
that have already been killed by mining, usually coal mining. For
chapter and verse see the movie "Rivers of Shame". Whenever an open
cut mine closes down, the soil is supposed to be remediated, that
is the topsoil should be put back on top so everything will go on
as before. FAT CHANCE. If Australia goes from a net exporter of food to
a net importer (the
trend is heading that way) we are going to have to dig the coal and
gas out and ship it overseas quicker and quicker just to pay for
our food. I know that our present lifestyle is dependant on mining, you
simply stop. On the other hand legislation is very biased in favour
of the miners. It is extermely rare for a mine not to be approved
and this only happens when powerful lobby groups get enough
political leverage, it has little to do with the actual risk to the
environment. The miners have so much influence with politicians,
who love the royalties and export earnings, the farmer and
environment have no chance most of the time. Our pollies spend
their day ensuring they get elected in 3 years time not ensuring
that our grandchildren eat - that is SEP (someone else's problem).
We need some balance. We need somebody to take the long view.

This is an issue that will come back to bite us all in a generation
or two unless many more people wake up to what is happening and
very soon. For as long as this issue remains SEP we are at risk.


I'm glad we agree on something.
And you read it. Thanks.

It appears you're not quite so gratuitous

Why should I be gratuitous? What about? Why am I not? How did it take 2
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