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Default Problem - Nymphaea Maculata (red african tiger lotus lily)

I really like the look of carpeting type plants, i think it makes the tank
look that bit more 'natural'. I had thought about buying some when i just
got my new plants last week, but i decided there was no point at all because
i have 2 weather loaches which just LOVE to bury themselfes and root around
in the gravel all night!

And an update on my problen plant - when i came back this evening from work,
there was no leaves attached to it anymore :-( So i had a wee look to see
what the root was like and its all brown and just about dead i think. Ive
replanted it anyway - right at the front where theres no shading from other
plants - and see if it comes back to life. I doubt it!
I just dont think it survived being in a box getting from one side of the
country to the other for a day and a half. It was the most delicate plant id
ever seen/had.
Do you think there would be any point in trimming the roots right down to
see if they would propigate again? Or best just to leave it alone where it

So when do you recon your going to put up some new tank photos? Ive had a
look at the links to peoples tanks that theyve posted over the last wee
while. I cant remember seeing any that i didnt think were good!

"LeighMo" wrote in message
As a note - i had a look at your site and your tank is really nicely

the plants are of a nice range and all positioned perfectly! Very

to look at!

Thank you. :-)

It looks a little different now. I should put up a new photo. There's

any gravel visible. The glosso and marsilea are waging a turf war, trying

see who can take over the tank.