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Default honda mower, stripe strip

The Greenman wrote:

message to all who may know the secrets held in this tiny peice of my
mower. but will it yeild its secrets. will it f**k...i need to remove
the original rubber, and replace with new the old one is about
an inch long/wide...i hope somoeone knows what im talking about...going
to smash my mower up and get a job in an office....if i cant solve this just to recap i, trying to remove to rubber blade on the back
of my honda mower , this blade puts more pressure on the grass, after
its been cut, thus giving the stripe effect...anyine help/// please,

if it is the little metal caps on the
end of the rod then you can take them
off with pliers (bend them) or with a
screwdriver and hammer.

i'm sure they have some special tool
someplace to deal with these kind of
pressure connectors, but they have always
given us new ones with the flap and those
just go on by tapping them lightly with
a small hammer.

if they are some other kind of connector
then good luck, perhaps someone else will