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Default Black beard algae problem

My only concern is that with your micronuitriant and macronuitriant
(jobes, fishfood) fertilization that you are feeding the problem. If
you do not have adequate plantage that cannot absorb all this
fertilization, the algea will make hearty use of it. I might consider
decreasing your inputs and nitrates to starve the algea.

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 08:48:31 -0800, "dGH"

How's your nitrate?

I just tested, and yes, it is pretty low: 5mg/L. I've always had a
tendency to overfeed so I hadn't considered that. Thanks very much.

How often do you usually have to put in the Jobe's (palm/fern) spikes? I
put half stick under the sword and half under the hygro about 2 weeks ago.
Should I up that dosage?

This is just anecdotal, but the last time I had BBA, I had let nitrate

drop to

You've got almost 3 wpg, and I assume from your pH and KH that you're

CO2. You're adding PMDD, which is good, but you may also need to
macronutrients like nitrate, phosphate, and potassium.