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Default a small study of rotting

In article ,
songbird wrote:

Billy wrote:
Sounds like not enough brown/too much green. You want 25/1, B/G

i wasn't aiming for composting in the
bin. i was aiming to test if the worm
castings would contain enough bacteria to
control fungi. the answer i got was no.

if i were composting in a bin i surely
would have adjusted the proportions
appropriately and mixed from time to time.

as it goes, the bins here, i decidedly
do not want them getting into a hot stage
of composting. Ma would get a bit upset
if she could smell anything. which is why
worm composting works well.


Apparently the bacteria, and the fungi didn't get the message that you
weren't composting. What did you expect to happen when you threw a bunch
of organic material together?


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