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Default Now that's what I call rain

"Janet" wrote

Just popped out to see how the garden is standing up to last night's
monsoon downpour. (4" deep in the wheelbarrow). I retrieved a few well-
washed marrows and put them in the garage to dry off, then took a look
at the red kale ... where I was amazed to see, a load of dead
caterpillars. Some seem to have drowned but others appear half pulped,
as if beaten to death. No survivors :-)

We had a little drizzle and then a few heavier drops whilst I was planting
the garlic today but it only lasted a few mins.

Trouble is some workmen turned up to turn off the water supply and empty the
tanks for the winter. Sue had only just finished watering our chillies and
peppers but they will need some more if we don't get any proper rain. I do
sometimes wonder about the people that work for our Council.
Regards. Bob Hobden.
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