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Default Green water! What to do?


I have 55g aboout a month and a half old, moderately planted tank. I
also have 5 ottos in it. It has 100% fluorite substrate, about 2W/gal
light and dyi CO2.
The plants were growing pretty well at the beginning but slown down in
growth and started getting hair and blue algae.

I have tested for amonia and nitrates (aquarium pharmaceuticals test
kits) but couldn't see any.
I figured that the ottos did not get my plants enought nitrogen
nutrients so I decided to add Seachem Flourish Nitrogen (I think it's
potassium nitrate). I didn't want to overdo it so I put one dose the
first day. It seemed to help because my amazon started putting out new
leaves. I tested amonia and nitrates again but didn't see any. So I
added more Flourish Nitrogen. And then it all started. The water
started looking cloudy. My tests still don't show any amonia or

Is it possible that the Flourish Nitrogen puts in Nitrogen in a form
that the tests cannot detect but the algae can utilize?

How do I clear out the water besides doing water changes? I usually do
about 25% weekly.

Also, the leaves on my amazons and anubias started looking wavy and my
chain swords' new leaves look pale. I must be lacking some nutrient in
the tank. Any recommendation on what I should add? I think I read that
iron deficiency can cause yellowish/pale color. Iron shouldn't be a
problem since I have a fluorite gravel. But maybe it's the lack of
magnesium stopping the plants from using the iron.

Any suggestions? Product recommendations?

Thank you!

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Default Green water! What to do?

My tap water has Phosphates added to reduce pipe corosion and also has
nitrates due to the source being river and organics leach into the
water. I was having green water problems, the tests showed no amonia
and moderate nitrate (of course due to source). I found that the green
water problems occured when I used stress coat or novaqua or tetra
start right(?) to remove chlorine (The town does not add Cloramaines
(Chlorine-amonia mix)) . It seems that the product that contain aloe
type slime additives would cause this. I just use Amquel or Amquel 2
(removes nitrates or so the product claims) and have not had the green
water. I don't know why this is. I just have not had the green water
problem since.

I also visited the water treatment plant in my town and spoke to them
about the water. This was very enlightening. I found out about the
water harness and nitrates and phosphates. They showed me the
equipment they test with and what the do to the water (settling,
filtering, chlorine, and pH stabilizers). I recomend setting up a tour
of your municpal water supply department.

I do know that some test kits test nitrates/nitrites and amonia with
different reagents than others. Try different test kits to see what
you come up with.

I add iron to my water and this has been the trick for my crypts and
amazons. I have regular agate gravel so I do not know about those
"planted aquarium" substrates.

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