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Default Counting sheep? No!

Unable to get to sleep?

Fed up with counting those woolly sheep jumping over the fence?

Start at "A" and name the plants,... through the alphabet, IN YOUR GARDEN
(sorry barrowcloth) through to "Z"

Newbies to the newsgroup will not find this in the google archives, (where
you have been sent by barrowcloth because she is fed up with your questions
which the 'older experienced people know already'), as this is the first
time "I" have posted it :-))


H.M.S.Collingwood Ass. Llandudno 20 - 23 May Trip to Portmeirion
National Service (RAF) Ass. Cosford 24 - 27 June Spitfire Fly Past
H.M.S.Impregnable Ass. Sussex 1 - 4 July Visit to Int. Fest of the Sea
RAF Regiment Assoc. Scarborough 2 - 5 Sept. Visit to Eden Camp

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Mike Lyle
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Mike wrote:
this is the first time "I" have posted it :-))

The inverted commas presumably mean it isn't really you. If so, it
would explain quite a lot: the bloke using your ID sometimes
certainly _looks_ like a troll. Or is there some subtle infinite
regression going on? -- in which case, I'm confused. Should I have
put quotation marks round "you"? (I don't mean '"you"', of
course...or perhaps I _do_ mean '"you"'. As I said, I'm confused.)

Mike. (The real one.) (Well, of course it depends what you mean by
"the". I'll settle for "a".)

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On 22/3/05 17:09, in article , "Mike"


Hooray - it's official the troll really is a myth! ;-)
South Devon
(remove the weeds to email me)

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Nick Maclaren
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In article ,
Mike Lyle wrote:

Mike. (The real one.) (Well, of course it depends what you mean by
"the". I'll settle for "a".)

In which case, I'll take "b". If your "a" grows well, and you manage
to divide it, we could cross them - and "baa".

Nick Maclaren.

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