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Default Algae Q's

Morning team, I'm growing plants this time around and of course I'm leaving the
lights on all day. In that past I've not had algae problems mainly because I
only turned on the lights for a few hours a day.

In my 55g, I have a nice coat of vivid green algae on the rocks and spots
forming on the glass in the well lit areas. I'm using a 36w light on one half
of the tank and an 18w on the other half. Also, I think I've just turned the
corner on a green water problem. It's starting to clear. The otto's are
keeping the green algae at bay after they finished off the brown slime.

Now, the 20g is a different story. The bog wood is much closer to the surface
and the 18w strip light. I have a picture and I'm curious about 3 things:


1. What is the cool looking blue green slimy stuff growing on the wood and
plastic plants? (yellow circle) Is that globular structure it has formed

2. What is the clear green slime growing in the java moss (white circle)?

3. Should I take steps to irradicat either?

Tank specs:

Ph 7.4
Gh 60ppm
Kn 35ppm
temp 80f
nitrites 0
ammonia 0
nitrates 10

2 apistogramma Borellii mom's with their new born fry.


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