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Old 20-04-2003, 06:17 AM
Chuck Gadd
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Default 75 or 90 for planted?

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 07:41:29 -0500, "Bruce Geist"

controler. Are you able to set your flow rate and let it go for a while
without fear, or do your really need to check it often during a day? How

I haven't looked at or adjusted the bubble rate in at least several

long does it take you to get re-set after swapping out your CO2 cylinder?

I don't change the needle-valve or regulator setting when swapping out
the cylinder, so it doesn't take any time to get it re-set.

Every week or so, I check the pH, and I glance in the CO2 reactor. If
the pH is out of line, or if the amount of CO2 swirling around in the
reactor doesn't look right, I might tweak the needle valve slightly.

that little bit of a swing without a controller. I think the best I ever
did was about .5 swing, which I thought might start killing fish

A pH swing won't kill fish. Extremely high CO2 levels might, but a
small pH variation due to CO2 levels won't effect fish. The cases
where pH changes can hurt the fish are when the different pH is due to
different levels of hardness.

Chuck Gadd

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Old 20-04-2003, 06:23 AM
Christopher Beeckler
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Default 75 or 90 for planted?

you might want to think about acryllic tanks for this size, it will make
them far lighter, and the rounded edges look nice
"Dustin" wrote in message
Thanks for the input you two

I bought a 125 gallon today on sale at the lfs, I got a better discount
since I am friends with the manager, 599.00 Im guessing that is a good

Any suggestions for lighting this for plant growth?
"Bruce Geist" wrote in message
I have a 135 gallon tank that is 24 inches high. Leigh, as usual, gives
excellent adivce. She (I hope you are a she Leigh-- if not then I
appologise in advance..) is right about the light, though I find that

though its tougher to light the bottom of the tank, 25 inches is not
insurmoutable-- especially if you are going to terrace. In addition, I
personally think that less than 24 inches looks a little funny with a
canopy. You may (or may not) choose to place a canopy over the top of

tank-- but assess how you think it may look with the shallower tank in

event you do want a canopy. Keep in mind also that there may be plants

you want to keep that get tall. It may be nice to have certain sections

the tank that are deeper than others. Just keep in mind that you may

trouble with high light plants in the deep areas.

Certainly the "long arms" issue is real also. If you are a small

then you may want to avoid buying a tank that is too deep for you to

into. I know my wife would have a hard time reaching the bottom of my

gallon tank. I do not have a problem with this depth-- though any

would become a hassel.

In summay, my cutoff would be about 24 inches-- not 21 inches. 25

may be problematic, but its worthy of careful consideration.

For what its worth, that is my 2 cents. -Bruce Geist

LeighMo wrote in message
Id like a 75 or 90 from all-glass. Which of these is better for the

aquarium in yoru optinion, and where is the best tank for my buck?

orders, or something to that effect?

Ordinarily, bigger is better, but for a planted tank, I'd go with the

The 90 and the 75 have the same "footprint." The only difference is

75 is
21" high, and the 90 is just over 25" high. A planted tank deeper

24" can
be difficult. That depth is hard to light adequately. (You wouldn't

only a few inches would make a difference, but it does, because light

falls exponentially with distance.)

A planted tank also requires constant maintenance, and if the tank is

deep, it will be difficult (unless you have really long arms!). I've

heard of
people who accidentally poisoned all their fish, because they reached

deep tank without showering first, and their underarm deodorant got


As for price...mail order for a tank this size is not economical. The

will kill you. Your best bet is probably to order it from a chain

The big chains use tanks as "loss leaders," selling them at a loss in

that they'll make it up by selling you fish, accessories, etc. Call

your LFSs and ask, but IME, the small local shops will all charge

dollars more than the big chains. The local shops around here all

to $800 for an All-Glass 75 gallon economy tank and stand. PetCo

for tank, stand, and glass canopy top.


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